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information management

structured >> compliant >> archived >> found fast
… this is what your information, documents and data are after a typical passion2practice project.

a grab, a click - and you are up-to-date

Your knowledge and information management meets your company’s compliance guidelines: this is the ideal situation of a thought out knowledgemanagement approach. Your filing structure is clear and well understood, documents are filed once (the wheel is invented once) and your company’s knowledge stays in the company, even if employees leave.

step-by-step - this is our way

At the start of an information management project, we analyse your way of structuring and filing documents and information: how you name your folders and documents; how do you search for documents; are the current versions always available at the required time; how you keep the knowledge inside your company and how you grow it. It is essential that your employees are integrated in information management project from the start. In fact, this is a key success factor. We also address different requirements in terms of culture, people, processes and systems. After this evaluation we search for the right technical support ifneeded and develop a requirement specification.

the knowledge management profit chain

After the improvement steps we test the solution and train your employees who will enjoy working with new processes and systems. The „Knowledge Management Profit Chain“ that was developed by Ines Kaps highlights the links between an integrated knowledge management approach and a company’s profit.

active information management

  • Open and fast innovation (the wheel is not invented twice): your employees and internal experts are connected across your business and exchange ideas
  • Efficient and compliant processes across departments
  • Saves time – you find documents instead of searching for them
  • Traceable changes of documents and version (reduction of legal liability risks)